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MyReward is Nigeria's first and largest Loyalty Network. We build a lasting relationship between Customers and quality merchants.

Range of Cards

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How is Works

Step 1. Get MyReward Card from our sales reps, distributors or apply online.
Step 2. Take your MyReward card next time you visit any of our merchants. Get your discounts instantly it's actually that simple.

Features of a MyReward card

1. Nationally accept Loyalty card
2. Prepaid MasterCard
3. Electronic wallet
4. Can be used for all shopping transactions via POS, online, ATM withdrawals

Loyalty Analytics

MyReward is devoted to helping businesses improve their understanding of customers through the use of our advanced analytical techniques.

Loyalty Card Customization

Our capabilities include proven expertise in building proprietary loyalty strategies, launching and managing coalition loyalty programs, creating value through analytic and driving innovation in the emerging digital and mobile world.

With MyReward, your hair salons, supermarkets, travel agencies, health shops, cinemas, hotels, etc all Reward you instantly!!! Now that’s MyReward!!!

MyReward MasterCard

Give your Wife another reason to Love you!!! Get her a MyReward Card that ensures she get more money to shop.......

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MyReward..... Building a personal relationship between Businesses and Customers.....

Our Commitment

We strive to deliver to our partners great customers, and matching our cardholders with great companies.

We ensure that cardholder and merchants alike are fulfilled at every transaction and this describes our driving force

Our Services so far show

Commitment 85%

Relationship with Customers 95%

Security 98%

Coverage 85%

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  • Address: Bulls Place, 42 Rumuibo Road,
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  • Address: 2nd Floor, Plot H1 Garden Avenue,
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